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Why IV Therapy

dextrose attached on the pole for the patients cure

Many people aren't familiar with IV therapy outside of the hospital; if anything isn't quite right with our bodies, we'd rather take a pill or some form of drug than drive all the way to the hospital to be put on a drip. Instead, people are having their medication or energy booster delivered to them via mobile IV therapy, which is becoming more popular. There are a number of reasons why IV therapy is superior to other forms of treatment, and we understand that when you try something new, you want your questions answered, so here are a few of them.

Fast Absorption

When you swallow a vitamin pill, it generally travels to your stomach, where it is broken down and absorbed. This can take hours, if not days, to digest, slowing the effects of the vitamins and lowering your body's response to them. Rather than waiting days for vitamin C tablets to absorb into your bloodstream, our IV vitamin therapy can be administered in minutes, allowing your body to absorb and process the vitamins right away. The nutrients are administered directly to your heart since IV therapy operates by sticking a needle into your veins.


If IV therapy is the predominant method of providing life-saving drugs to patients on the brink of death in hospitals, you can make sure it is a safe and reliable method for you. We follow industry-wide safety standards to protect you, such as using professionally sterile equipment and following all safety and best practice protocols. Our workers are all eligible to be the best in their field, and they are expected to attend refresher courses on a regular basis to stay current on all new regulations.

Meeting Your Needs

You're getting a cocktail of vitamins that are ideal for the "general" population when you take a multivitamin with your breakfast and coffee in the morning. This could indicate that you're getting vitamins that you don't need or aren't getting enough of the ones you do. We tailor vitamin IV therapy to your individual needs so you get exactly what you need to feel good and stay healthy.

Doctor Approved

The FDA has approved IV therapy, and we go to great lengths to ensure that it is done according to the standards and is safe and successful for our patients. We want you to be completely relaxed and safe, so we want you to have full trust in the treatment we provide. So, if you're ready to begin IV therapy, give us a call and we'll schedule a visit from our team!

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