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FAQ & Process

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You may have seen celebrities receiving IV therapy in their own hotels in Vegas to help them recover from a big night out on TV or in the movies; this is no longer a luxury reserved for Hollywood's A-listers; we now provide this service to the general public, allowing them to benefit from IV therapy without the high cost! Since the concept of readily accessible mobile IV therapy is novel and intriguing, we're sure you'll have a lot of questions for us. We want you to have the best possible experience, so we've addressed some of the most popular questions here; however, if you have any additional questions, please contact us.

How Long Does IV Therapy Take?

Although IV therapy is not as fast as drinking a glass of water, it is one of the most efficient ways to get hydration, vitamins, or boosters into your system. Our nurses will ensure that the area where you are receiving therapy is properly sterilized so that you do not develop any diseases when undergoing treatment. The procedure for connecting the line is simple, and the therapy takes about 30-45 minutes. If this is your first time, we recommend remaining seated and relaxed for a few moments after hydration therapy to avoid feeling dizzy or unwell.

What Types of Therapy Are Available?

We don't provide prescription treatments, but we do provide treatments that will energize you and give you the boost you need to feel on top of your game. In a traditional hospital setting, IV therapy is used to administer a wide range of life-saving drugs to patients, but in the case of our mobile IV therapy, we only provide a fraction of that to you; we don't provide pharmaceutical therapies, but we do provide ones that are built to perk you up and give you the boost you need to feel on top of everything.

How Do I Need To Prepare?

It's easy to get ready for IV therapy; when our team arrives, we'll take care of the bulk of the work, including sterilizing the area where you'll receive the treatment. All we ask is that you keep the room tidy and have a comfortable place to sit or lie down during therapy. When we've finished with your IV, we'll pack it up and take it with us, so you won't have to clean up.

What Is The Process?

The process is simple: we'll ask you a few questions to get a sense of your needs based on the type of therapy you've chosen, and then we'll set up all of our equipment to ensure you're in a comfortable environment. After our nurses clean the area you've chosen for your IV drip, the line will be inserted into one of your veins (usually your forearm). The only thing left to do now is wait for the therapy to be done.

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